Oil and Gas Well Drilling Technology

Professional development
Education in English language

Topic 1

  • A brief overview of developments in drilling technology, current challenges and technology perspectives

Topic 2

  • Oil and gas wells, their elements and functions in petroleum exploration and production. Classification of wells. Well design and well planning

Topic 3

  • Methods of oil and gas well drilling (cable drilling, rotary-percussion drilling, rotary drilling, drilling with bottom hole engines and top drives, coil tubing, underbalanced drilling, rotary steerable systems, casing drilling). Advantages and disadvantages of these drilling methods

Topic 4

  • Casing and bit size program
  • Well design for particular conditions
  • Construction of the casing string, the types of casing pipes. Operational requirements to casing strings, general approach to casing string strength evaluation

Topic 5

  • Physical and mechanical properties of sedimentary formations (strength, elasticity, hardness, plasticity, creep, abrasiveness) and their influence for selection of drilling bits

Topic 6

  • Modern drilling bits (polycrystalline diamond bits, modern roller bits, diamond bits), their construction and features. Efficient fields of their application. Bit wear. International Association Drilling Contractors (IADC) classification

Topic 7

  • Drilling practices
  • Drilling parameters: weight on the bit, RPM, flow rate, mud properties. Effects of these factors on the rate of penetration, trip rate, cost per meter, bit life
  • Criterions of drilling practices optimization
  • Mathematical models of drilling process

Topic 8

  • Drill string, its elements and their functions
  • Drill pipes. Heavyweight drill pipes
  • Drill collars
  • Drill string design
  • Drill string calculation. Drill string vibration and its influence on drilling process and its performance

Topic 9

  • Drilling fluids. Main properties of drilling fluids and equipment for its definitions. Modern drilling fluids
  • Preparation of drilling fluids and control of their properties. Solids control. Choosing proper drilling fluids for particular conditions

Topic 10

  • Lost circulation; oil, gas and water shows; shale instability; pipe sticking
  • Blowouts, accidents with drill string and bits and measures to prevent or eliminate complications and accidents while drilling

Topic 11

  • Straight holes drilling. Undesirable deviation of bore holes and its causes
  • Types of the bottom hole assembly and its design

Topic 12

  • Directional drilling. Application of directional drilling. Methods of directional drilling
  • Kickoff equipment
  • Horizontal and multilateral drilling

Topic 13

  • Cementing. Objectives and methods of well cementing. Cementing outfit. The ways of improving cementing quality. Testing cementing operations
  • Well construction quality

Topic 14

  • Well completion
  • Drilling in pay zones. Choice of proper mud fluid
  • Methods for opening up a pay zone and construction of a bottom well zone
  • Formation testing
  • Drill stem testing and its stages
  • Casing perforation

Topic 15

  • Characteristic features of offshore drilling engineering and technology. New trends of development offshore drilling technology

Duration: 40 academic hours (1 ac.h = 45 minutes)*

Dates: by agreement
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