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Offshore Hydrocarbon Field Development

Professional development
Education in English language

1. Major world offshore regions of hydrocarbon production

2. Current state, problems and aspects of offshore fields exploration

  • Geological structure of shelf
  • Resources and reserves of shelf
  • Exploration works
  • Offshore seismic 2D, 3D and 4D

3. Principles of planning, organization and executing of offshore works

  • Planning, executing and tracking of offshore work
  • Offshore logistics
  • Project management of offshore field development

4. Offshore field development

  • Types and characteristics of offshore platforms
  • Types of facilities used during offshore field development
  • Environment impact on offshore platforms
  • Technology of design and construction of offshore platforms
  • Subsea production systems
  • Systems of intelligent well completion
  • Smart field
  • Management of offshore field development
  • Health, safety and environment in offshore project

5. Reservoir engineering of offshore fields. Improved and enhanced oil recovery methods

6. Fundamentals of well drilling and completion. Offshore drilling events and challenges

7. Mud. Well cementing

8. Drilling simulator training

9. Technologies of design and construction of subsea pipelines

10. Tankers for oil and gas transportation

11. Optimiztion of reservoir engineering – system of technical and engineering efficiency indicators of offshore field development. Economical aspects of nature protection activities on the shelf

12. Final academic performance rating

Duration: 60 academic hours (1 ac.h = 45 minutes)*

Dates: by agreement
Cost (for group): 1 680 000 rubles*
*(cost and duration specified for the group of 15 persons and more, otherwise it could be changed)