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Stimulation of oil and gas production

Professional development
Education in English language

Section 1:

  • General information and characteristics of reservoirs and wells

Section 2:

  • Reservoir management

Section 3:

  • Matrix acidizing

Practical training in the form of laboratory work on the topic

  • Matrix acidizing fluids and additives. Methods of preparation and testing. Quality assurances / Quality control (QAQC). Formation processes modeling. Filtration of technological fluids through a porous media

Section 4:

  • Killing of well prior stimulation operations

Section 5:

  • Health, safety and environment (HSE)

Preparing for the final control, consultations, independent work

Final knowledge control (Exam in the form of testing)

Duration: 60 academic hours (1 ac.h = 45 minutes)*

Dates: by agreement
Cost (for group): 1 840 000 rubles*
*(cost and duration specified for the group of 15 persons and more, otherwise it could be changed)