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Human Resource Management and training

Professional development
Education in English language

Topic 1:

  • HR policy and organizational culture in HR management

Topic 2:

  • HR risk in oil and gas companies

Topic 3:

  • Staff motivation as a factor of efficient management

Topic 4:

  • Performance review

Topic 5:

  • Internal corporate communications

Topic 6:

  • Contemporary practical methods of diagnostics in HR management (professional diagnostic checklist, Blake-Mouton test)

Topic 7:

  • Person-to-person interaction: concept, essence and practical methods of diagnostic (sociometry, Thomas test)

Topic 8:

  • Hiring and retaining employees

Topic 9:

  • Performance management

Topic 10:

  • HR strategy

Topic 11:

  • Employees’ potential: basic terms, essence, structure, criterion of estimation. Professionally important qualities

Topic 12:

  • The technology of efficient management

Topic 13:

  • Compensation system, the permanent part of salary, the variable part of salary. Key performance indicators

Topic 14:

  • Composition the level and structure of personnel expenses, the cost of training, training evaluation based on ROI, Kikpatrik model

Duration: 60 academic hours (1 ac.h = 45 minutes)*

Dates: by agreement
Cost (for group): 1 680 000 rubles*
*(cost and duration specified for the group of 15 persons and more, otherwise it could be changed)